Frequently asked questions about the Breast lift tape

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When will my breast lift tapes be delivered? That depends where you would like us to deliver the Bye Bra. During the checkout you can choose from several shipment options. We offer standard delivery and express delivery with priority service. It is up to you.

Yes. The Bye Bra tapes have even been tested in a sauna. They hold perfectly. Avoid having a bath or shower immediately after applying the adhesive tapes. However, we do not recommend swimming while wearing the Perfect Cleavage Tape as this solution requires the usage of the Silk nipple covers which are not waterproof.

Bye Bra tapes are made of a transparent, waterproof, hypoallergenic adhesive that makes them unlike any other similar product you have seen elsewhere. Wear a strapless bra with confidence. Remove excess pressure from the shoulders. Combined with dresses, swimsuits and backless, as well as strapless clothing, our Bye Bra tape products can be your secret weapon.

No, they can’t. After one use they will no longer be sticky.

No – the film consists of a very thin transparent material that cannot be seen through normal clothing.

If you remove the tapes slowly and carefully, it does not hurt. Avoid pulling them hard. Start at any corner of the breast tape and gently peel it off from left to right or vise-versa. It is very easy, and it’s not associated with any discomfort. So to reiterate, do it slowly, gently and carefully. You can also use baby oil, or a similar product to speed up the process.

Please note that most similar products available on the Internet are Chinese copies, and are made of low-quality tape. The Bye Bra is dermatologically tested with a recommended use up to eight hours.

If you wear any of the Bye Bra tape products, your nipples may be exposed since you are not wearing a traditional bra. You can easilty avoid this our braless solutions. Therefore, you will find a few pairs of flower-shaped nipple covers made of a fine fabric in each package. You can place these over the nipples and areolae.

Yes, it’s perfectly normal, and even sometimes necessary. The adhesive tapes are essentially a simulation of breast plastic surgery also known as a breast lift. During surgery the excess skin is removed above the areola, but with the help of Bye Bra you can achieve the same effect, without invasive procedures.

They can, in cases when you have oily or damp skin. If your Bye Bra tapes are not properly applied, they will only stick for a few moments; but if they hold for the first few minutes after application, they will no longer fall off. Prior to application you must avoid all creams and other cosmetics; in fact, your breasts should be completely dry and clean! Avoid bathing or showering just before you apply the instant adhesive breast lifts. Even if your skin appears to be dry, if it is not 100% dry, the Bye Bra tapes may not stick properly.. The same effect will occur with perspiring skin.

Our adhesive tape is made from thermo-polyurethane, which is very elastic, soft and conveys body temperature very well.

Definitely not. The adhesive tape has been fully tested as follows: Chemical tests – determination of pH leachate in non-woven fabrics; determination of free and hydrolyzed formaldehyde; plastics identification; cytotoxicity test; and a test determining skin tolerance. The subject of the assessment was to determine the possible adverse effects of biological materials in contact with the skin. The conclusion of the tests carried out was that the materials in the product are safe within the range of tests carried out for human health with respect to skin contact.