Key Insights: Adhesive Bras prevent the breasts from sagging!

We did a little research and we have found out that, women spent $18 million on bras in 2018. Market Expert24 states that the bra market is forecasted to reach $30 million by 2027. However, scientific research conducted on women’s health, shows that traditional bras with wire stop the blood circulation under breasts. Which is leading to a collagen loss and therefore, sagging. This rise in bra shopping is suspected to happen due to the increasing number of working women and their preferences to not buy only the traditional bras. We know, we are tired of traditional bras as well!

Apparently, studies show that women are looking more for non-padded bras and purchase decisions regarding adhesive bras has grown over the years. The reason for this is that, the non-padded and adhesive bras prevent the breasts from sagging. And over the years, women have noticed that. That, is why we provide all types of breasts shapewear solutions, which prevent the breasts from sagging and do not stop the blood circulation under breasts, as traditional bras do.

Dermatologically Tested

The Bye Bra adhesive is dermatologically tested, thus, there is no risk for your skin. You wouldn’t want something happening to your skin during Christmas dinner right?! Now, with all the preparations for winter holidays, let us take care of how good you will look in your backless or strapless New Year’s dress. By the way, let us know you your holiday plans, you can find us on Instagram, Facebook or simply send us a message via our Contact page.

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