Holidays Month

Optimize with Bye Bra, get more with less.

It’s summer, it’s hot and it’s all about our vacation mood. Most people go for a holiday trip in August, which is known for its high temperatures and lazy motions. Some people prefer to go to the Bahamas, others are more passionate about skiing in Aspen, but wherever you go, you’re always in front of the dilemma what you should put into your suitcase. Familiar? For, sure. It’s always about optimizing the space and combine outfits to have more options packed into less space. It’s a challenge for most of the ladies to predict their mood and what would they like to wear during their vacation. Anyway, there’s a solution for every problem. A tiny little secret for every lady.

You want to take a few night out dresses? Maybe also a backless top and your skinny jeans? I would also add a swimsuit and little black dress – it’s always worth the space in the suitcase. Well, if you’re taking ten outfits for your weekly vacation, are you supposed to take also 10 pairs of lingerie to fit each one’s special back or neck shape? Of course, not. There’s always another way. Here comes Bye Bra to help you optimize your luggage by fitting all your outfits with a single product. Choose the adhesive bra or lifting tape, which fits most of your clothes and buy it in one of our amazing and compact packages to perfectly fit your suitcase. Yes, one lingerie product can fit all your planned outfits. Simply go to our official website and search for the right one to match your expectations and you’re ready to deal your luggage dilemma for the upcoming vacation month.

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