Festivals Month

Dance out that song on your favourite concert free and safe with Bye Bra.

Have you ever heard that July is known to be the festivals month? You probably can’t imagine the diversity of celebrations you might visit during the entire month. There that much festivals in July that if you decide to spread it during the year, you’ll have something to do every day. Some of them are organised on the beach like the remarkable July Morning tradition, others are in villages, allowing you to dive into the natives’ culture. Anyway, having fun requires you to feel comfy all the time. Ultimately, it’s summer and sometimes the temperatures can make the atmosphere extremely hot. That’s why you need a strong and safe supported or your side. Here comes the Bye Bra product.

With an extensive strength of the medical glue, our products are able to provide you with full support during the entire day. You can have your favourite backless top in the suitcase or even your V-neck night out dress – we’ve got you covered. Feel free to have some fun and look in perfect shape on all the photos from your festival vacation. A rock fest, music concert or eco-tourism, you’re perfectly safe to work around all day long. Skinny jeans, satin top or long dress? You need nothing more than a good mood, festivals international calendar and your Bye Bra in the luggage. Dance it out, sing it out, and bring it all in loud.

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