Breast Cancer Awareness Month (No Bra Day)

Stay alive, be aware with Bye Bra.

It’s October the second female month of the year. If you’re wondering why, it’s because of the Breast Cancer Awareness month, including a bunch of events and activities for women to stay tuned to their health and take care of it. During this month, there’s also another campaign, called “No Bra day” on the 13th of October to remind women across the world to examine their selves often and observe symptoms of Breast Cancer in an early stage.

You know it’s not all about women actually? There’s also a “No Shave November” campaign next month to raise awareness into prostate cancer. That’s the time of the year when men stop shaving their beards to involve other men go for a medical check. Yes, they’re hot at the beginning and look a bit like orangutans at the end of the month.

Anyway, back to women’s month, there’s an understanding that wearing a bra might be one of the causes to prerequisite breast cancer. Nowadays, there are many alternatives traditional lingerie that if you’re willing to make a change, there are multiple options to choose between.

Bye Bra is one of those brands to suggest you an innovative shaping solution for your breast in order to avoid the restrictions of traditional lingerie. Adhesives, customizable tapes and all kind of accessories for all your needs.

Bye Bra is your pink must-have. Now put yourself a pink ribbon and go ask your girlfriends, sister, mom and colleague if they booked an appointment for medical examination.

#TakeCare of #Yourself, #BeAware with #ByeBra to #Stay #Alive

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